How Mobile Twinning Can Benefit Your Business

Posted by kentang123 at September 15, 2016

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Mobile twinning is the concept of using your mobile device as an extension to an existing phone system. You can describe mobile twinning as a cordless extension to your office phones. When you enter the office, the (MyPortal) application will automatically detect the WiFi and logs your mobile device as an internal extension, in some cases this can be an office desk telephone.

When Mobile Twinning Can Help Your Business

✓ You have a limited range or at times your calls are being discounted by dark-zones
✓ You occasional miss calls, which can be detrimental if they’re important
✓ Your current phones are not insured by your phone system maintenance contract
✓ Your phones & phone systems have a lack of functionality for coping with calls

Benefits Of Mobile Twinning For Your Business

✓ Roaming – Twinning gives you the ability to roam around the office
✓ Save on data and calls – Cut data costs by twinning off your WiFi
✓ Mobile remains 100% active – Your mobile remains fully active
✓ Save capital on international calls – Use your WiFi to save on calls
✓ Strengthen your communication – Never miss a call again
✓ Access to outlook – Access outlook from your mobile

How Can Best 4 Business Help With Twinning

Whether you want a new telephone system to meet the ever changing needs of your business or if you need a solution for mobility. Best 4 Business can help you take care of your business mobility needs. We are an award winning company with over 10 years trading history, we are winners of the comms business award for (best re seller of the year). Mobile twinning is another solution we provide for business mobility solutions.


Mobile twinning is too much of a valuable asset to for your business ignore. For your business there is going to be 3 main advantages your business can leverage with mobile twinning. The first is straight-forward, as you go mobile, so does your extension. We’re not always tethered to our desks. So when you go out to lunch, or are driving to a meeting, mobile twinning helps you stay connected to your business. Travelling for work? Now your office can transfer calls straight to your cell phone, if it’s twinned.

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